“Sexy, amusing and genuinely hilarious”  Read the review
-Mike Everleth, Bad Lit, The Journal of Underground Film

The Sheep and the Ranch Hand Trailer

Who says all sheep are followers?
Not this one! This brilliantly funny, Technicolor tale will take you to places few films dare to go. Join our binge-eating, ranchhand-dreaming heroine as she takes a provocatively edgy romp through fantastical greener pastures. “The Sheep and the Ranch Hand” is a story of love, a story of erotic imagination, and a story of the power of dreams to change your life. Best of all, it has a happy ending
--in more ways than one.

Watch the trailer and see...

Butch Voices Los Angeles Regional Conference
Berlin PornFilmFestival, Berlin, Germany
Fetisch Film Festival, Kiel, Germany
Clair-Obscur Festival, Basel, Switzerland

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